Finding your Fit

Why do Personal Training?

Each one of us chooses Personal Training for a different reason.  Maybe you (or your doctor) have decided it’s time for you to start exercising and you don’t know where to begin.  Maybe you need motivation.  Maybe you’re in a rut and need new ideas.  Whatever it is, we’ll design a program that meets your fitness needs and exercise preferences. 

What equipment can we use?

We have many workout options available. Want to swing the kettle bells?  Try the TRX suspension trainer? Experience the Pilates Reformer?  We also have traditional dumbbells and bar bells, resistance tubing, stability balls, BOSU and more! We’ll create a workout program that is fit for you.  

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Sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes and can be private or shared by 2 people. There is no contract.  Contact us for pricing. Appointment days/times an vary to accomodate your schedule. Sessions are held in a home studio in north Chapel Hill. NC.

What Kerry's clients say

 I can honestly say workouts with Kerry are the best thing that ever happened to me. She has transformed this couch potato into wonder woman!  Seriously, she makes exercise fun! – Ellynn B.

Kerry’s workouts are balanced, well planned, and thorough.  She is delightful, demanding, and dedicated.   What makes Kerry so special is the breadth of her knowledge of her field, her enthusiasm and her humor. She makes every session an adventure in exploring both our strengths and weaknesses.  As we both ease (or slump) into seniorhood, Kerry gives us the motivation to maintain as high a level of physical and mental fitness as is possible. And, to tell the truth, we really look forward to our sessions. -Bill and Dale F.

After giving birth to our first daughter, I was desperate to get “back” into shape.  Not only did Kerry whip me into better shape than I was before giving birth, she even let me bring my baby with me to workout!  Now with two daughters, Kerry has helped me to have the stamina to keep up with them! She is so knowledgeable, motivating, and understanding that she has actually made me LOVE working out.  My husband now understands that I must see Kerry a few times a week to keep my sanity and happiness   – Jackie

I have been working with Kerry for 8 years and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in regard to my health. She not only coaches you through a variety of fitness routines, but also keeps you motivated and on track with whatever your personal goals are. I would recommend training with Kerry if you want a positive experience in getting your body fit and having a healthy lifestyle.  -Linda